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Stealth ATVs are a reliable and powerful equipment that occupies a leading position in the CIS market. Utilities of Velomotors are very popular, due to the ratio of price and quality.

Now the company has focused on the release of several lines of devices:

  • Stels Leopard. These are compact cars, distinguished by quality and versatility. Leopards are suitable for work, walking, outdoor activities, tourism and even racing. Now the series includes only two devices: Stealth ATV YS ST and YS. Modifications differ only in configuration, frame length and engine power. Customers can choose a car with a motor of 500, 600 and 650 cc. The cost of the series devices ranges from 339 to 439 thousand rubles.
  • Stels ATV Cheetah. This series of utilities is considered flagship. The manufacturer has implemented many innovative ideas, thanks to which the cars of the line successfully compete with ATVs of world brands. The series includes four modifications with an engine displacement: 650, 800, 850 and 1000.
  • Stels ATV. These are cars that are not part of a series. Now you can buy only a few devices from an authorized dealer: budgetary Stealth 300V, Stels 800, ATV 50 and 100 (children's devices).

One of the main advantages of the stealth utility ATV is versatility. Even the relatively weak ATV 300 can be used for work and tourism. The car not only holds well on difficult tracks, but can also tow loads weighing up to 500 kg.

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ATV Stels Leopard 600YL
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