Atlant Mopeds Instructions Manual

Atlant Mopeds owner's manual
The instruction is suitable for the service of almost all Atlant scooters and mopeds with an engine capacity of 50 cu. see, such as Delta, Sky, Bravo, Steed, Runner, Tornado, Striker, Corsa, X-Treme, Atom, Galleon, Raptor, Jazz and others.
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Atlant moped is a product made using professional equipment from high quality components. It is equipped with an electronic ignition system, an electric starter, and its consumer properties are at the level of leading world manufacturers - an economical engine, low noise, good acceleration dynamics and excellent handling. All these qualities are combined so that your Atlant 50 scooter becomes a high-tech and convenient conqueror of city roads, but still needs service.

This Atlas 50 Cubes instruction manual provides detailed information about your 4-stroke 50 cubic moped - how to ride and service it properly. The manufacturer hopes for your understanding related to the possible discrepancy between the illustrations of this manual and a real moped, this is due to the constant modernization of production and differences in the configuration of models.


Please read this instruction manual carefully and follow the recommendations to make your communication with the moped pleasant and mutually beneficial. We wish you good luck on the road and enjoy using our products.

The contents of the instructions for service of Atlant mopeds

  1. Precautions
  2. Description
  3. Atlant scooter control panel
  4. Egnition lock
  5. Start button
  6. Light switch
  7. Horn
  8. Turn Signals On
  9. Safety helmet hardware and luggage compartment for storage
  10. Engine starting
  11. Checking the moped before driving
  12. Moped control
  13. Maintenance
  14. Technical characteristics of the scooter Atlant 50
  15. Wiring diagram for scooter Atlant
  16. Maintenance Table
  17. Warranty Terms
Atlant moped owner's manual PDF
Atlant Sky
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